• One woman killed in Diyarbakır
    • 14:00

    DİYARBAKIR - In Lice, Gurbet Fida was killed by Ali Fida, whom she was married. It was learned that the perpetrator male was arrested.

  • Canan Arın wins Hrant Dink Award
    • 09:56

    ISTANBUL - This year’s winner of the ‘’2021 Hrant Dink Awards’’, which is held every year on Hrant Dink’s birthday, was Canan ...

  • ‘Justice’ vigil on its 191st day
    • 14:07 15

    URFA - Emine and Ferit Şenyaşar have been on the ‘’justice’’ vigil in front of the Urfa Courthouse for 191 days. The family ...

  • Forest fire spreads in Dersim
    • 12:18 14

    DERSİM - There is still no response to the forest fire, which broke out as a result of intense bombardment yesterday, between the villages ...

  • HDP Youth Council hang banners
    • 14:51 13

    DİYARBAKIR - HDP Youth Council carried out poster work in Diyarbakır as part of the ‘’Let’s break addiction, build a new life’’ ...

  • Peace Mother Hanse Bulut arrested
    • 13:33 11

    IZMIR - Peace Mother Hanse Bulut, who was sentenced in a lawsuit filed against her during the ‘’curfew’’ period in Nusaybin and was ...